1,2-propylene glycol; propanediol-1,2; 1,2-deoxipropne 

                                                                                                                                           Specifications 6-09-2434-81

is a colourless, viscous fluid obtained from propane oxide hydration.

In chemical (plastics and polymers production), varnish-and-paint and construction industries;
In production of heat carriers, refrigerants, antifreezes, anti-icing, hydraulic, brake fluids;
In perfumery, cosmetics and household chemistry production,
In pesticide, feedstuff and veterinary medication production;
In food and tobacco industries.
In food production, it is used as an additive E1520, as a water-retaining, emollient and dispersant agent, to produce food antioxidants, flavouring and colouring, agents, emulsifiers, enzymatic agents.

Colourless viscous liquid obtained from hydration of propane oxide.

CHEMICAL NAME: 1,2-propane diol

Appearance Transparent, colourless liquid
Density in temperature 20°С, g/cm3 1,0340-1,0380
Refractive index, nd20 1,4320-1,4330
Mass fraction of the basic substance, %, min: 99,0
 - if used as a food additive (in equivalent of unhydrous product) 0,3
Mass fraction of water, %, max: 0,3
Using propylene glycol in food production, toxic elements concentration is determined as, mg/kg, max: arsenic - 3,0, cadmium - 1,0, mercury - 1,0, lead - 5,0.

CERTIFICATES Hygiene certificate of the Federal Service for protection of consumers’ right and human well-fare. State registration certificate. It is not subject to obligatory certification.

PACKING Steel railway cistern, cars, barrels, plastic tanks 20, 30, 50 dm3.

TRANSPORTATION Any roofed transport facilities by all kinds of transportation

STORAGE Store in roofed, ventilated and heated in winter storage rooms, protected from direct sunlight and heating batteries effect.

WARRANTY PERIOD OF STORAGE One year since the product due date. For propylene glycol as a food additive, storage life is two years.

SAFETY REQUIREMENTS Propylene glycol is a combustible fluid. Observe the fire safety rules.

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